The Quad to Quorn

Peterborough to Orroroo

25 January 1986

Still shining from the recent grain traffic, we have made it to just south of the Black Rock Bridge - the dark line in the middle of the photo.

Cows slowed our progress for a short while. Even this far back, the track between Peterborough and Eurelia was starting to show signs of its age. Much of this track had been refurbished in the late 50's and early 60's.

Black Rock Bridge

Black Rock Bridge is apparently the longest bridge of its design in the Southern Hemisphere, and the longest bridge of the old South Australian Railways. It crosses the Oladdie Plains, between Peterborough and Orroroo.

Don (driving) and Audrey (hanging off the troop carrier) wave as the car crossed the bridge.

Whilst dry 99.99999% of the time, water has once lapped at the rails on this bridge (late 19th century). Its due for a 1 in one hundred year flood

Black Rock

Once an expansive and busy station with a gang, station master and others (and a pub, just to the right of the photo) the Take-out shed and the station-masters residence were still present when we rolled through.

The Take-out shed was refurbished in the 1990s by Steamtown, but by 2007, a combination of white-ants and wind (or vandals) meant that it was not more.

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