The Quad to Quorn

Orroroo to Walloway

25 January 1986

The track north of Orroroo had not been used by anyone (other than some people running home-made trolleys) since Steamtown had ventured through to pick up civil assets from Carrieton, Hammond, Moockra and Bruce a few years earlier , so the weeds were noticabley thicker.

Pekina Creek

Pekina Creek provides water for Orroroo, and a realy nice bridge for us to roll over.

The bridge is at the bottom of two nice banks - used to be a real thrill to roll down onto the bridge, and power up my section car as it climbed out and up toward Walloway. The car would bark furiously.

On the Plains

Just south of Walloway, the car has been climbing up the gentle grade from Pekina Creek. We are less than a mile away from the site of the Walloway Disaster.

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