The Quad to Quorn

Quorn - Arrival 25 January

As we rolled over the Hawker Road Level Crossing, it started to sink in that this great adventure was half over. We'd had a great day stopping at places that had not seen a train for a number of years, and enjoyed talking to the locals.

Minutes after arriving at Quorn, we were officially Welcomed.

Don was of the understanding that the Yard was still part of the Australian National Territory for which he was responsible. He was unimpressed that clamps had been removed from switches he had inspected, and deemed to be unsafe, without his knowledge.

Turned out that AN had handed the Yard over to new managers, and had failed to tell people who were responsible for it that this had been done. A few days after the Long Weekend, the official advise came through!

Our steads were chained to the track fo the night, and we headed for food!

I was prepared for a night in a tent at the Caravan Park, but in the end slept on the floor in one of the motel rooms.

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