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Wickham Works List

(ISBN 0-9549199-2-0)

Keith Gunner and Mike Kennard havespent the last 35 years researching and recording D Wickham &Company's works records.  Their efforts form the basis of TheWickham Works List published in December 2004 by Dennis DuckPublications. 

The List includes technicaldetails, first owners, despatch dates, and in many cases thecustomers' running numbers where known of every vehicle built betweennumber 1 in 1922 and the last number 11775 in 1999.The List containsa general introduction to Wickham's products, including informationon the previously unrecorded locomotive production.It is in A4 spiralbound format, with 150 pages including 8 pages ofphotographs.

It may be ordered from Dennis Duck Publications at34 East Street, Fareham, Hants, PO16 0BY at £14-95 including UKpostage and packing (cheques should be made payable to Dennis DuckPublications).

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